Giving Critical Seconds to a Veteran
Before Making a Desperate Choice!
The P.U.S.H. Crisis Caller Alert System is a simple and essential support tool given to a veteran who is experiencing severe hardship
or mental health challenges.
One press of the large SOS button connects the veteran(s), via text alert and voice, with (up to 5) pre-selected trusted friends, family, battle buddies, chosen healthcare providers or the National Veterans Crisis Line. The device can communicate similar to a ‘Walkie Talkie’, two way radio with speaker phone.
Your donation will help us to achieve our goal

What if We Could Save Just ONEWhat Price Would You Put On That LIFE?
This device can provide help before a veteran takes the fatal action of suicide.
Hopefully they will take the extra split second to get help when its needed most.
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Don’t let another day go by
without protecting a deserving Veteran
Your $400. Donation will provide 24/7 live response communication for One Veteran for a full year.
Your $1600. Donation will provide 24/7 live response communication
for FIVE Veterans for a full year.
One Touch Immediate Response
Nationwide Help Alert Service Area
One Month Rechargeable Battery

How Does The P.U.S.H. Device Help Our Veterans?
The – P.U.S.H. button device can quickly bring the voice of a Caring Friend, Family Member, Counselor, Emergency Personnel or even a Suicide Hot Line to walk along side of them when it’s a crises situation.




Alerts up to 5 battle buddies, friends or family members
Calls & Texts Multiple Caregivers Nationwide.
Caregivers Can Directly Call The Veteran.
Calls the National Veterans Crisis Line.
GPS Location. (optional)
*Veteran owns the device, and can discontinue or Add service anytime.

P.U.S.H. – Patriots United for Suicide Help Inc
*Patriots United for Suicide Help, Inc. is a 501-c3 non-profit organization.

Instant 2 Way Communication
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P.U.S.H. is dedicated to supporting veterans struggling with suicidal thoughts and ideations. If you are interested in Donating to this cause or receiving more information about our instant 2 way communication device, please complete the following information and we will be in contact with you.
For more information or to ask questions only, send us a direct email.

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Despite the courageous efforts of mental health professionals and suicide hot lines, we are still losing over 8,000 veterans to suicide every year.
This has to stop

Every 3 hoursa child or teen is killed by a gun

Every 1 hour & 45 minutesa person dies from a drug overdose

Every 1 hour & 5 minutesa veteran commits suicide

More active U.S. soldiers die from suicide than combat!
Active Duty Suicides in 2012349
Combat Deaths in afghanistan in 2012295

At, we hope to create a positive intervention when it’s needed most, by giving a
P.U.S.H crisis caller to your at-risk veterans (or anyone else with need) that will connect
them to a caring friend, family member, medical professional, first responder or Hot Line.
If We Could Save Just ONEWhat Price Would You Put On That LIFE?